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    Default CDL Drivers License.....

    I am thinking about getting my CDL drivers license. Anyways, I was looking on the website for the Mississippi Highway Patrol (that’s who issues drivers licenses in MS) and their requirements for a CDL is of course a road test and vision no worse than 20/40 in each eye. Here is my question….

    How is the road test done for a CDL?
    Is the vision requirement with or without glasses? (Because I wear them)

    Thanks everyone. Stay safe.

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    I can't say for sure, but since a CDL is supposed to allow you to drive commercially across state lines, I assume it's close to what I did in Maryland. The best source of info in your case would be the highway patrol, they should have a driver’s manual for CDLs.

    The process here is a written test, with a basic and separate modules for each endorsement. Passing this test gets you your learners permit.

    The driving test starts with "walk-around." Basically this is an inspection, checking brakes, steering, engine, tires etc. After passing that is a closed course driving exam. Ours included parallel parking, loading dock backing, backing a straight line. Then you went to the open road test, which included left and right turns, changing lanes, merging all in traffic. All of this had to be in the appropriate class of vehicle.

    Again, the best bet is to get the CDL manual from the highway patrol. The vision requirement is 20/40 corrected (with glasses).

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    Delaware Road test was pretty simple.

    1.) Pre-trip check
    2.) Drive with DMV employee and he drills you...lol

    As far as vision. I think for us its without glasses and then the correction with glasses. I don't know really I have 20/10. Got to love those Carrots!...lol
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    Used to work part-time at an immediate care clinic that administered the physical exam for CDL's....one other issue on the PE besides the vision exam is if you have any blood pressure problems you will want to make sure you have them in check or too high of a pressure can either keep you from getting a CDL, or you will be only able to get a provisional and have to retest every 6 months. Can't remember the magic number on the BP, but seems like it was 140/90 as the cut off for "normal".

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