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    Default Apparatus Placement - Civilian Fatality in CT

    The article below shows just how crucial apparatus placement is. I was working at the first incident when this happened and I am thankful that Patrol 2 was there to protect the scene. The outcome could have been much worse. Flashing lights, reflective trim and blinking arrows alone is just not enough sometimes!

    October 1, 2007

    Two people died before dawn yesterday after their car crashed into a town emergency response truck that was assisting with a separate accident on Interstate 95, state police said.

    The car's third occupant was hospitalized following the accident, which occurred at 6:09 a.m. north of Exit 4 northbound, according to a report filed by Officer Ryan Sawicki of the Connecticut State Police Troop G.

    Reynaldo Sanchez, 23, of Stamford, died at the scene, and Jacqueline Bardales, 26, died at Stamford Hospital, according to Sawicki's report. The report doesn't say where Bardales resided. State police spokesman Lt. Paul Vance could not be reached for comment. Sanchez was driving and Bardales was sitting in the back seat, the report said.

    The third occupant, front-seat passenger Gerson De Leon, 24, of Stamford, suffered "incapacitating injuries" and was transported to Stamford Hospital, the report said.

    Sanchez and De Leon were wearing seatbelts, the report said. It isn't clear if Bardales was wearing a seatbelt, according to the report.

    Greenwich police said they received the call for the initial accident at 5:34 a.m. A car had slammed into a disabled vehicle that was parked on the interstate's shoulder, and police, firefighters, paramedics and Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol responded, according to Greenwich police and paramedics. The Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol truck was stopped in I-95's center lane when Sanchez rear-ended it.

    No one with the Cos Cob unit was in the truck when it was struck, the report said, and no one else was injured.

    The volunteer unit's P-2, or Patrol unit No. 2 truck, had its lights flashing and was parked within a flare pattern, the report said. Both the right and center lanes were closed to traffic, it said.

    "(Sanchez's car), traveling in the left lane, for an unknown reason traveled across the flare pattern and into the closed center lane," the report said.

    Charlee Tufts, executive director of Greenwich Emergency Medical Services Inc., said the driver involved in the earlier accident suffered abdominal injuries and was transported to Stamford Hospital. Sawicki's report identifies the owner of that car, a Honda Accord, as Elizabeth Jackson, but gives no information about her age or address. The car was totaled, the report said.

    Tufts, who was not on the scene but heard reports from members of Greenwich's ambulance corps, said, "The first collision was rather spectacular because there was an explosion and a fire and I'm told bystanders may have removed the patient, but I can't be sure about that."

    Tufts said the disabled vehicle had been tagged for removal.

    Responding units from Greenwich included three GEMS trucks, four police patrol cars and nine firefighter units, according to police Sgt. Brent Reeves.

    The Cos Cob P-2 truck cost approximately $350,000 when it was purchased three years ago. It's designed to assist with fire salvage and traffic control.

    While many emergency responders dealt with the fatal accident, others had been assisting with an incident on the Merritt Parkway that occurred shortly before 11 p.m. Saturday night.

    According to Greenwich police, a tractor-trailer hauling flowers from Florida struck the overpass at King Street and blanketed both sides of the parkway with roses. No one was injured.

    Copyright 2007, Southern Connecticut Newspapers, Inc.

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    This is why you always block the road with an apparatus so the rubber neckers can't run you over.

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