Hello all, I have been a lurker here for a long while now. I normally don't talk since you know, I should be listening to learn something...not flapping my jaws lol Anyhoo I just took my very 1st FF written exam for my home town, and I aced it. My cpat is scheduled 3 weeks from now woooohoooooooooooooo

Weird thing is, this departments CPAT is unlike all the others I have read about and watched. Amyone ever heard of a test like this?

My home town CPAT.....
The following three (3) evolutions are NOT timed events.

1. When ready and in place, wearing helmet, coat, gloves, and self-contained breathing apparatus with mask, climb the aerial ladder to seventy-five (75) feet at a forty-five (45) degree angle, touch the top rung, and descend to the bottom of ladder.

2. When ready and in place, wearing helmet, coat, gloves, and self-contained breathing apparatus with mask and blacked-out lens, negotiate a simple obstacle course in a dark or smoked filled room.

3. Place a stretcher inside an ambulance, then retrieve the stretcher and place it back on the ground. This is accomplished by using the proper technique as described in verbal instruction and actual demonstration by the instructor. This event is to determine your ability to successfully handle the stretcher and weight.

The following five (5) evolutions are timed events.

1. Pick up a pre-formed high rise hose pack fifty (50) feet long and one and three-fourths (1¾) inches in diameter, advance to the stairs of the training tower, then ascend to top floor and drop the high rise hose pack in the designated area.

2. Continue to the railing where a two and one-half (2½) inch hose pack has been previously connected to a rope. Take rope into hands and pull the attached hose pack hand-over-hand up onto the floor. Hose pack must be placed on the floor in a designated area.

3. Descend stairs; proceed to the sledgehammer and roof simulator. Take the eight (8) pound sledgehammer and strike the cross-tie fifteen (15) times with recognizable force. Each blow must be followed by raising the sledgehammer at least eighteen (18) to twenty (20) inches above the cross-tie before striking it again.

4. Walk through a slalom course to a pre-charged one and three-fourths (1¾) inch fire hose, drag hose approximately seventy-five (75) feet to a designated stopping point; open nozzle and hit the target before setting the hose and nozzle down.

5. Proceed to the dummy, pick it up under the armpits, with your hands in front of the dummy’s chest, and move the dummy approximately fifty (50) feet to the finish line.

The time allotted for completion of the timed events described above is three minutes and thirty seconds (3:30).