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    Default Getting into firefighting

    I have always wanted to be a firefighter but through pressure from parents and people around me I went to post secondary. I have 1.5 years of university now and made the decision that firefighting is the only thing i want to do. I am looking at ESA school for firefighting and after completion I will have :
    NFPA 1001 Levels 1 and 2
    NFPA 472 (hazardous materials)
    NFPA 1051 (wildland firefighter professional)
    BTLS Access

    With these certifications and being 20 years old will I be able to find employment fairly easily if for the physical tests I do alright?

    Also is there a decent demand for firefighters around alberta?

    Thanks Cody

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    Cody, one of the best things you can do try to make some local contacts and obtain a "feel" for needs. Good luck by the way!

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