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    Unhappy Inconclusive Polygraph

    I took my Polygraph a couple of weeks ago. My results are inconclusive. Does anybody know what that means and where do I go from there?

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    Ive been there too bro, TWICE in a row. Don't sweat it. You didn't fail, but you didn't pass either. They will most likley re-schedule for another poly. If they re-schedule you, they will just make sure that the info you gave them originally is still correct, then test you again. You don't have to go through the two hour 100000000 questions over again, good luck!

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    It came back inconclusive, but they sent me a letter saying my application process is over and that I didn't meet the county standard. Can I still apply to other counties or cities?

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    Often candidates are eliminated through the poly with inconclusive results. Not that you failed, but itís the same as you did. Why is that? You didnít fail and you didnít pass? Your results were inconclusive. You still donít go forward in the hiring process. Few will allow you to retake the poly. I think the problem again is candidates need to prepare for the poly the same as with any segment of the hiring process.

    Randy had the same problem. He took the poly and the evaluator eliminated him with inconclusive results based on his use of pot within the last five years. He swore he had not. Yea, right you say, but thatís his story.

    So, Randy jumps on the Internet and found www.polygraph.com and www.passapolygraph.com He educated himself on what to expect. He took a poly for another agency and passes with flying colors even that inconclusive area about pot and was hired.

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