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    Default 2 hour interview?

    Any body heqrd of an 2 hour interview? I received my letter for an interview and the letter stated to expect to spend at least two hours in the process. Could there be an assestment center aswell? Looking for any and all help.


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    It is not unusual for an interview to be that long in Canada, a lot are. But they donít typically have a chiefís interview afterward; itís just the one.

    It could be that they have a few different panels that will each ask a few questions, or it could be an assessment center style interview. It also could be that they know they always run late and want you to know it could be that long, to help arrange your day accordingly.

    But it really doesnít matter, because no matter what they call it, how they do it, one thing remains the same. If you arenít prepared for one, you arenít prepared for any. In most every interview there comes a time when you need to tell us about yourself, an oral resume, and tell us about our department. If you canít sound comfortable and confident talking about yourself, it is hard for us to feel comfortable and confident in giving you this opportunity. If you are able to go into any interview with well thought-out, well-rehearsed answers you are proud of, you will do well in any interview. The list would look very similar if you gave the same people a 15-minute interview and then a 2-hour. The cream will always rise to the top.

    About 5 years ago Seattle changed the first portion of the orals. You were led into a room that had five questions on customer service hanging from the back wall. When you said you were ready a guy reading a book would press record on a tape player and you had to read the question and your answer into the machine. For those people that were not prepared, and were already suffering from extreme nerves, the wheels came off of their wagon when they saw this. But those that were prepared were able to recover from the initial shock and do well.

    The great thing is that if you are prepared to the level that you can be somewhat comfortable in your interview, when things happen that would spin most people, you are able to further distance yourself from the pack.

    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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    Default Thanks

    Yes I would agree the being pre-paired is always best, and having an extent knowledge of were your wanting to go seems smart. Its funny that you metion Seattle because I was one that was talking into the tape recorder, When I made it to the second interview with only have a weeks notice I was not as ready as before and I knew as soon as I finished the interview. That will not happen again.

    Thanks for the input and I will keep you posted, I receive the "nugget blast" and remind my fellow FF's that nothing matters until you have the badge!

    Thanks for posting and sharing your knowledge, I have learned alot from you and CAPT BOB.

    Thanks again
    (Doesnt have that cool ring to it, course I have only been a captain for four years now. Maybe it will get better with age.)

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    Often agencies will send candidates an invitation letter for the oral boards stating to allow 2 hours for the process. This is to accommodate the panels if they run behind, have you ready in the holding pen, and allow for coffee breaks and lunch for panel members.
    Itís not uncommon for a candidate to arrive a little early and go right in because of a no show.

    Orals can often run behind. Several candidates could be in the waiting area at the same time. Do not, I repeat, do not start a conversation. One of our candidates felt the nervous need to start talking to another candidate. He found out this guy was a scientist.

    He felt he was less and didnít know how he could compete with such overwhelming credentials.
    He blew his own game plan.

    He regrouped on his next test and got a badge. He was probably more qualified than he gave himself credit for. Who knows what happened to the scientist?

    Another candidate started talking to a friend who told him he had received results from a test you both took. He was going forward in the process. And, you didnít get a letter. Troubling? Would this or any other information like this mess up your mind before your oral? You bet

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    More Tips on getting hired and promoted by Firehouse Contributing Author Fire ďCaptain BobĒ Articles here:

    Fire "Captain Bob"


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