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    Default sports officals rant

    Way to screw it up refs! I was watching the denver oakland game. If the timeout was actualy called before the snap, every ref i have ever seen does everything he can to stop the play.

    Denver should of lost, and when they go to oakland, be prepared for a arse whooping like no other. Oakland will be out for blood.

    also, the donkeys will be hopefuly knocked out of the playoffs by the worst team in the nfl.

    also on the topic of refs, way to go umpire on the rockies padres game. The player never touched the base, and when the ump has to hesitate before making the call? Something aint right. That is worse than the denkenger (miss-spelled) call in 1985.

    after, the basketball guy got caught, it makes me wonder about all of the bogus calls that have been documented in the NFL, MLB, and every other sport played in the us.
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    Do any calls actually go in favor of your teams? Or do they always pick on your teams?

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