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    Seems like a real winner for a chief. From what I hear they are trying to cover it up. I hope not.

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    Ex-Fire Chief's eBay Sales Probed
    By KATIE MELONE | Courant Staff Writer
    October 6, 2007

    BURLINGTON - Town officials are investigating allegations that a former chief of the town's volunteer fire department was selling department equipment on eBay, the online auction house, sources familiar with the investigation said.

    Christopher Brewer resigned as chief of the Burlington Volunteer Fire Department about six weeks ago with the intention of staying on as a regular member. But as the administrative investigation unfolded, the department eventually decided to bar him for five years, First Selectman Ted Scheidel said.

    Scheidel would not disclose any details of the investigation but said it began after Brewer announced he was resigning as chief.

    When asked about the allegations, Brewer said he has done nothing wrong. "If there was a story here, I would have been arraigned," he said.

    The volunteer department's board of commissioners learned that Brewer allegedly sold several department-owned items, including a police scanner and Dell computer equipment, according to a source who attended meetings in which the investigation was discussed.

    The probe was launched after a department member discovered in late August that Brewer was selling items on eBay - including a scanner, the source said. Within hours, Brewer sent an e-mail announcing he was stepping down as chief, the source said.

    Scheidel said Burlington is budgeted to spend $383,000 on the volunteer fire department in the current fiscal year, about the same it spent last year.

    Brewer has been a full-time lieutenant with the University of Connecticut Health Center Fire Department in Farmington since 1996, said Richard Veilleux, a university spokesman.

    The health center's fire chief is aware Brewer left his volunteer post in Burlington, Veilleux said, "but is not aware that anything has occurred that would impact his employment at UConn."

    Contact Katie Melone at kmelone@courant.com.

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    Wow... I can't believe this guy was a thie... oops I mean chief... Its bad enough that some volunteer departments have trouble getting funding for certain things, and then to have your chief steal from your department and fill his pockets... Unreal...

    This guy is a LT on a paid force too... He doesnt even deserve to wear a badge in my opinion...

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    Default another black eye

    First of all how big is Burlington fd.? Second in the article the Chief makes a claim there is no problem but why step down so quickly? usually people hang in there if they have nothing to hide, even corrupt politicians are more convincing than this.

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    the sad part is i can think of two other vollie house that have problems with the chief abuseing and or stealing because of his position. glad to see some of them are getting caught

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