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    Default Mattress Replacement

    Does anyone have any hard information about how often to replace mattresses? I know for residential the recommendation is 7 years, but these things get made and unmade every day. Anybody?
    I already tried the hotel assn.

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    Default Try Google

    I learned a little from GOOGLE! Our department uses mattress covers, but the guys say it makes them sweat. I would rather sweat that lay on top of 7 years worth of dead skin! Our department changes the mattresses often for that reason. If your department does not support you, may I suggest contacting local businesses and have them donate 3-5 or 7 mattresses. Just a thought!

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    On the mattress cover issue, we use the padded waterproof type and have had good success. A little pricier than Tyvek or plastic, but it eliminates the sweating issues and is much cheaper than a mattress.

    We replace our mattresses when you need trench rescue gear to get out of the hole in the middle.

    a ship in a harbor is safe. . . but that's not what ships are for

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