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    I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. I was supposed to start at Eastern Kentucky this month with there online BA in Fire safety engineering and technology degree. However, in the last couple weeks I have not heard from them nor have I been able to contact them via phone or email to find out what the delay was after they recieved my transcripts. My emails have gone unaswered and I am very frustrated at this point. I have started looking at the university of Memphis as well as Columbia Southern. Does anyone have any information on these programs as well as others that may help me finally get started. Thanks for any help.

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    You should look into the National Fire Academys degree at a distance program. It is offered through many colleges throughout the US, and it is somewhat based on NFA curriculum(sp). I took about six classes through Western Oregon University (their northwest school) and all of the books or materials were made by the NFA. It was a good experience. I know there are colleges in every region that offer the program. go the NFA website and it used to be under higher learning. It is all distance education, as it goes on the premis that a person already has the lower division requirements met, so all the upper division stuff is theory anyway. But look into it, I enjoyed it and the school is approved by the NFA.

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