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    Default want to go for the fdny

    hey i am new to this site and am finishing up fire training in central Florida i am an EMT already but i grew up in the Bronx and moved before i could take the test for the fdny , so i was thinking about moving back i was wondering if anyone knew anything about how i would go about the test since im out of state and when the next test is and also when would i have to move and the last thing is i was planning on going down there in dec of 07 and wanted to see if i could go on a ride along and info would be helpful thanks in advance

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    Next hiring is likely going to be at the end of 2009 and the test will be in the beginning of 2010, with the first hiring to follow in 2011.
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    FDNY Employment Page - Go through this to get a lot of your answers.
    Then read through the Current FDNY Thread. Yes there are over 100 pages but a lot of questions come up that get answered there. If you have any other questions, PM me or post them on that thread.

    Like Seminole said, next test probably won't be until 2009/10 since they just had one in January this year. On average testing occurs every four years. There is rumor and speculation on this most recent test, but it's all that; rumor and speculation.

    Good luck,

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