I know this isnt the the thread for it, but I was just wondering if anyone who reads this that is from the Illinois area... (preferibly the chicago area) who know's anyone who is looking to test full time could pass the word out that Harvey IL is taking apps.. Apps are due by the 19th... there is a study guide so people need to move fast so they can study for the test the 27th of october.. The city did not advertise the test and we are just trying to get the word out , so we are not stuck with people who just want a "city job" and get some good people on.. Its a good old school dept. No EMS.. No amb assist. We are at about 1,450 calls so far this year.( remember no ems....so thats fairly busy) We are known for going to a good amount of structure fires ... Good time off... Kelly every 7th...10 vac days... Local 471.. .. There is more info on the Forums for HIRING AND EMPLOYMENT section...We would really appreciate the help in spreading the word across the Chicago area..

Thanks Again
Harvey Fire Dept...
708 331 7721