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    Default CalFire LODD - HFEO Matthew Richard Will (Hollister Air Attack Base)

    CalFire Heavy Fire Equipment Operator Matthew Richard Will of the Hollister Air Attack Base, San Benito Monterey County Unit, died this morning from injuries sustained during a dozer rollover yesterday at the Colorado Fire in Monterey County.

    A link to the press release is below.


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    My sincere condolences to CalFire, the San Benito Monterey County Unit crew and the Will family for their loss.

    Sleep with angels, Matthew

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    SafetyPro, thank you. The information and link have been forwarded to the News Team.

    Our deepest sympathies and prayers to the family, members and department.


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    My sincere sympathies.

    Rest Brother Rest.
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    My prayers to Mathew and all involved.
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    Rest in peace Matthew

    This mornings Blue Sheet on the accident

    San Benito
    Monterey Unit Bulldozer Rollover
    October 8, 2007
    Colorado Incident
    Accident Incident CA-BEU-004112
    Accident Review Incident CA-CSR-000098
    This Preliminary Summary Report is intended as an aid in accident prevention, and to provide factual information from the first 24 hours of the accident review. To that end it is published and distributed within a short time frame. Information contained within may be subject to revision as further investigation is conducted, and other reports and documents are received.
    Lookout Communications Escape Routes Safety Zones
    Two CAL FIRE BEU bulldozers were constructing line on steep slope. One of the bulldozers rolled down the slope and the operator was fatally injured.
    A structure fire was reported at 12:42 P.M. on Monday, October 8, 2007, along Palo Colorado Canyon Road off of Highway 1 about 11 miles south of Carmel, CA. The San Benito/Monterey Unit ECC dispatched a full wildland response to the incident because of the ruggedness of the area and proximity of the structure to the brush covered terrain. The fire did transition to the wildland and grew to over 40 acres. A CAL FIRE BEU bulldozer (Dozer #1) was working with a second CAL FIRE BEU bulldozer (Dozer #2) at constructing line downhill along a flank of a fire. Dozer #2 became immovable and Dozer #1 was working below it to assist Dozer #2 in continuing with their assignment. At about 4:30 P.M., Dozer #1 plunged over 150 feet down the slope, rolling several times, coming to rest at the bottom of a canyon. The Heavy Fire Equipment Operator was extricated from the bulldozer and airlifted to a trauma center where he succumbed to his injuries at 8:55 A.M. on Tuesday, October 9, 2007.
    Recommendations For Immediate Corrective Actions
    Firefighters should review the special hazards of working in steep terrain. Firefighters need to have an understanding of operations on different soil types.
    Lookout Communications Escape Routes Safety Zones

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    Default I am in Bat 6 BEU unit..

    It is a sad couple of days around the unit. Our cover crew just left today. They were called in to tak care of everything around the station + run calls. Our HQ station houses copter 406 and they performed shorthaul to extricate Matthew from the dozer. They arent doing so hot right now. It was a big shot of reality for a lot of people. It was only a 50 acre fire nothing seemed out of the ordinary. You prepare and train for so much and there is nothing that you can do to prepare for the death of a brother or sister firefighter.
    Our thoughts and Prayers are with Mathews wife and his two children. We have really tried to pull together as a unit to support eachother. Some stations were closer to The airbase than others and were able to spend more time to get to know him. Thanks for the post. I hadnt had the chance yet.
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