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    Default A very bad day in NE Ohio

    What a day in NE Ohio. A school shooting in Cleveland, a train derailment 30 miles east in Painesville involving hazardous materials to get things going, then while we're working a house fire in Euclid, a Euclid PD officer crashes his cruiser on wet roads, the car catches fire and he burns to death inside. I'm really ****ed about the police crash. We couldn't even respond from our own city since all our personnel were tied up at the job. Hell, we saw the header from the fire. It was less than a mile away. We had to get help from Cleveland FD (Thanks, Engine 40) We no longer have enough personnel to do our jobs effectively. A little over a month ago, we pulled a guy from an apartment fire across the street from the firehouse our city closed 3.5 years ago. In that time, we've had 2 fatalities in a large apartment complex behind this closed firehouse. I should add that it now serves the community as a police mini-station. You know what else is ironic? Since last August, 6 people have been shot across the street from the new mini-station. I need to vent, so please forgive me. While we occupied this station with a Ladder company, we always let the powers-to-be know that the station needed some major work. The roof leaked, the basement leaked, the HVAC was sub-par, but there was never enough money. But all of a sudden it was shut down because of a lack of funds, but when the po-po decide they could use it, all of a sudden the city has money to fix all the things we said needed done several years before. I'm not blaming the PD, please don't get me wrong. They have a very tough job here and I tell them often that I couldn't do what they do. I just wonder if we had that station open or if we had the personnel we had a few years ago if maybe, just maybe the officer killed tonight could have had an open casket funeral. He leaves behind a wife, a daughter in 9th grade, and a son in 6th grade. Please keep his family in your prayers and protect your personnel as best as you can to preserve your staffing and equipment. I'll get off my soapbox. Thanks for letting me vent. GO INDIANS!!!!!

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    ya thats terrible

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    wow what a day

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