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    Default Lt. Michael Murphy awarded the MOH

    SEAL Team 10ís mission, Operation Redwing, was to kill a Taliban leader. En route, they encountered three Afghan civilians believed to have later alerted Taliban fighters of the teamís location. In the ensuing firefight, all four SEALs were badly injured but kept fighting, with Lt. Murphy exposing himself to lethal fire in order to radio for reinforcements. An MH-47 Chinook helicopter sent to rescue the four men was shot down, killing all 16 on board and enemy forces soon overwhelmed the SEALs. Murphy, Dietz and Axelson were killed; only Luttrell survived. The SEALs killed 35 Taliban before they met their end, and it was the teamís actions that allowed Luttrell, badly injured, to escape and tell the story. Luttrell was awarded the Navy Cross, as were Axelson and Dietz posthumously. At a White House ceremony on 22 October, Daniel and Maureen Murphy will receive the Medal of Honor on behalf of their fallen son. This, our nationís highest military honor, will be the first such medal awarded for combat actions in Afghanistan.

    Rest in peace Lt. Murphy. God bless you.
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    RIP and thank you for your service. God bless his family and the family's of those lost.

    ------GOD BLESS AMERICA ! ------

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    RIP, your tour of duty has been well served and is over. Condolences to the families.

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    For an idea of what Luttrell went through....


    R.I.P. Sir, and to all of the others who have fallen...
    Be safe y'all!
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    I don't know but I here laughing.


    Lone Survivor is a fantastic book. It is a must read. I was so happy to see that the good Lt. was awarded this medal. What those guys went through was unreal.
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    And I know one thing for certain. If I ever rounded a mountainside in Afghanistan and came face to face with Osama bin Laden, the man who masterminded the vicious, unprovoked attack on my country, killing 2,752 innocent American civilians in New York on 9/11, Iíd shoot him dead, in cold blood.
    At which point, urged on by an outraged American media, the military would probably incarcerate me under the jail, never mind in it. And then Iíd be charged with murder.
    Tell you what. Iíd still shoot the sonofabitch.
    BZ's, your tour complete, time to rest among other great American hero's. Thank you for your service, dedication, sacrifice.
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    Never forget.

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