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    Default Pick where you want to go?AF

    I went to college for FF, and am above the weight requirement to join at the moment, but I am working hard to get down.

    I was wondering if you could pick where you get stationed at, or is it you ask and if your'e very lucky you get to go there?

    I plan on being signed up by christmas if not sooner. I have to weigh 225lbs, and I'm currently 250lbs, but I was almost 335 at one point. I have been talking about going for a long time, and I finally got my *** up and started to work-out to lose the weight and go.

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    Well.....u get to create whats called a dream sheet.....u list the bases u wanna go, but that doesnt mean u go to any of them. Most times not. I have been assigned to the air force academy in colorado springs, colorado and i picked overseas and east coast. It all depends on the needs of the air force at that time. But i be more worried bout getting ready for basic and the fire academy, both are physically and mentally demanding

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    You can put in a "wish list" but usually it is where the Air Force needs you. Sometimes people do get lucky and the NEED is where you WANT.

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    USAF Fire Protection is reducing the number of military positions. Some bases will eliminate nearly all of their military slots, but I couldn't tell you which bases are affected. You should look at the USAF Reserve Fire protection to see what they have to offer, as I don't believe they are affected.

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