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    Default Testing/Hiring departments

    in the Nashville/Knoxville area.

    If anyone hears or knows of future application and testing dates. If you could, would you please PM me? (Not every hiring department posts the openings in an open forum
    (10+ years exp., Nat.Reg.EMT-B, FF1 FF2 and Instructor 1--all ProBoard IFSTA)
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    Default Nashville International Airport

    If you are interested in doing Police, Fire and EMS check out www.flynashville.com If they aren't hiring now, they will again soon. If you are an EMT you will be eligible for a sign on bonus and may also get one for your fire certs too. (I think they are around $1200-$1500 each) It is a Department of Public Safety. Full police, EMS, and Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting. Good place to work and you can be making 45-50k after about 5 years. I think that is comperable to Metro Fire. You will be doing more police than anything else. The usual rotation is 4 days police to 1 day fire. They may be going from 8 to 12 hour shifts soon also.

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