hi, im new to this forum, and it doesnt look like this "Oklahoma" sub forum is too popular, but im hoping to get lucky. i need some direction from some of you already established firemen residing in Oklahoma. it seems as if all areas have different standards for admittance into the fire department, and i havent been able to find any specific info relevant to Oklahoma.

im not trying to rush into this, i would rather take my time, prepare correctly, and get accepted my first go around. but i have no idea where to start. i have some college background. i am only a year away from having my bachelors degree in business from the University of Oklahoma. but should i get this fire prevention degree first too? i understand that you dont have to have the degree, but how heavily are the odds weighed against me if i dont get some sort of fire education first?

i briefly spoke to a Oklahoma city fireman who told me that it wasnt required to have any training at all, you just have to pass the oral and written tests, as well as the physical test and you could join the department. but he also said that the ones who have EMT-basic or fire prevention have a better shot. but honestly, is it necessary? i definitely want to achieve those certifications, but id like to do while i work as a fireman.

can anyone tell me whats involved in the EMT-basic course? i havent found much info on it. is it a semester long? 9 months? a year? i have gotten wind about a good fire program in Choctaw, Oklahoma, but upon searching the web for details on it, i again came up empty handed. anyone heard of this place and possibly have info to provide?

i know i have alot of broad and general questions, but i would really like some help. firefighting is something i have wanted to do since i was a little kid and id like to take the right steps towards making this a career. thanks in advance!