Good morning Gentlemen,

I have been lurking for quite sometime & I thought it was time to say hello.
And I have a question ... right out of the gate.

Is 43 too old to start a career as a Wildland Firefighter?

I'm a Law Enforcement Office for the State of Florida. I will be locating to north Alabama & afterwards and thinking of changing careers to that of Wildland firefighter. If I may add, this is something I've thinking about for years, And now the opprotunity presents itself but .... have I waited too long?

For the record, I'm in pretty good condition & engage in a daily workout routine to keep me in shape for my current L.E. career. I'm no where near ready to retire & there's alot of work left in me. I've spent alot of time over the years camping & hiking. And I guess I have a what some would call a passion for the presevation of the woodlands. And I'd like to get a chance to "get on line" and help as much as I backbreaking as it maybe.
Any thoughts & opinions are welcome, your guys are the pro's so let me know what your think.
Also, any info & links would be welcomed as well.