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    Default Winning FP&S Grants in the Past

    We are looking to put in for a FP&S grant this year. We have tried unsuccessfully to get a Fire Prevention Trailer and Fire Prevention Officer Training Classes. What would be a winning FP&S program? Any winning grant narratives would be greatly appreciated.

    We are currently in the process of creating our fire prevention bureau. i.e. Inspectors, Plan Review and Fire Arson Investigators and Education.

    Thanks for your help.

    East Contra Costa Fire

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    Default Any Ideas?

    Arson Prevention Programs: Arson investigation trailers, equipment and costs related to arson investigator training, arson-related surveillance equipment, personnel costs, educational materials and media equipment, and juvenile fire-setter intervention programs.

    I think this is what were are looking for.


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    Default Fire Extinguisher Trainer

    Has anyone been had any success getting an award for a fire extinguisher training simulator?

    If you have please contact me.

    Thank you

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