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    Exclamation Why is there no good info for Military Personel

    I am currently serving overseas in the Navy and I have been looking for a web site or someone even on the boat who could assist me with finding Jobs getting a written test and other resources needed to become and EMT/ Fire Fighter and no one has been able to help. If anyone has any info please e-mail me at Chapme@cv63.navy.mil I would like to start a career as soon as my enlistment is up, and I would like to gather information for other serving our country, who would like to continue thier service in Fire Fighting.

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    First of all Thanks for your Service. I see your on the KittyHawk...I was on the Kansas City AOR-3. There are plenty of places to look all you have to do is google fire department openings and there is a large list of sites you can go to. The one I use is Firecareers.com and this site. There are a lot of people who will direct you in the right direction.

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    I agree with the above. The Kitty Hawk should be coming back stateside and decommissioned soon correct? Will you be coming back with her or transfer to the next carrier to take her place?

    If you were stateside it may be easier for some resources and possibility of taking an EMT class or fire classes etc. Also depending upon how close you are to getting out, I would recommend CLEP, DANTES, tests to test out in certain areas and receive college credits. I would also look into to looking for a school with a fire program and to place there early, so if there is a waiting list you can go to school right out of the service.

    Also another site I used was firerecruit.com and lets you know who is hiring etc.

    I would highly recommend the school route though, because the majority of depts today are looking for some form of education.

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    Default Ah...The Target Fleet

    I can't repeat this one enough:
    Try to knock these out. I wasn't so lucky with being able to go do this.

    Being on a carrier, I understand you probably have some ample time and access to the internet? You found this one. If so, go to:

    Look through these bulletin boards. If you have a question about something, do a search. Chances are it's in there. If you can't find it, post your question.

    Good luck,

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