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    Default Chassis Info Request

    I put this ambulance chassis information request in this forum as we consider our ambulances as fire apparatus. Plus I value the information from here better than the EMS section.

    I am seeking information on departments that moved to medium duty chassis (Freightliner, Sterling, International), then went back to cutaway van (Ford E350 or E450) or pickup truck chassis (F450 or GMC) due to personnel requesting better ride and then decided to go back to the medium duty chassis. Our mechanics prefer the medium duty as it does not take them 2 days to remove everything to service the engine.

    We have a group of Nintendo Boys making noise about wanting to go back to the van chassis. It won’t happen, but I would like some input to show them that in a busy department, these chassis do not do the job. We have been using International chassis since 1981.

    Nintendo Boy = newer recruit who never spent time with his dad working on the lawnmower or car but rode with mommy in the minivan playing Nintendo and drinking his juice box.

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    I know First Health in the NC area went from medium duty to the G3500 cut away but this was just recently. They bought a bunch of AEV built units. Not sure how it is working.

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