Hello, I am 18 years old and looking for some advice. For the past two years I was in a volunteer EMS and Fire Department. I love it. I joined the Coast Guard and am know on active duty stationed in Mi. I am looking down the road here... 4 years at lest but I want to start so that I can get my self set up to where my chances of become a career firefighter are better. So I want to know what you would suggest I do. I know get in shape and every thing like that but what helps me look like the person that a fire department wants to take a chance on. Will being in the Coast Guard help? Will having done/seen major/minor firefighting and EMS incidents help? Are there any classes, Collage, or any thing that will help me out? basically I am looking for any thing any one has to offer. I have a good amount of time to prep my self and I want to make sure I do every thing in my power to get my self in a good place, if this is in fact where i chose to take my life witch I am quite sure it is where I want to go.

Thank you all for your Time!