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    Arrow Can i get hired or vol. for just the summer

    I am currently going to Hocking College, which upon completion of my first year in June 2008, I will have my 240 card, EMT, rope rescue cert., and most importantly my wildand red card. How realistic is it to try and get hired or even volunteer in say California or Florida where the wild fires are really bad just for the summer before I start school back up in September?

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    Default Wildfires

    I think you can work in California as a seasonal wildland firefighter. I had a friend do it when he was in college. Not sure how to go about applying/etc. though.

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    hey johnny.

    apply for the United States Forest Service, or Bureau of Land Management. Both offer awesome seasonal employment, applications are usually looked at in November or December.. So does CDF (with an application deadline in February).

    I worked on the Modoc National Forest in California during the summer of 2005. Probably the best experience of my life.

    Try USFS.Gov, under the employment or jobs section. That'll direct you to the appplication server. Make sure you fill out the application to as many places as you can (look both for Firefighter and Forestry Technician - Fire announcements).

    If you need any other help, shoot me a message. Good luck.

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    California (Cal Fire) tests for each individual region in the spring. When students return to school at the end of the summer they might do an additional hiring depending on fire conditions.

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    Default seasonal job

    Seasonal jobs are definitely a good way to go for FF's planning on going to college. I agree with the above person with the Forest Service and/or BLM. My advice with these agencies is that when you apply you show up once a week and let them get to know your face. Let them know you want that job. Also keep your eye out for structural departments looking for part time seasonals. This is great experience. Keep bugging them!

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