I need some advice.
I am doing the Hose Drag. it about 125 ft in a U shaped course with a low ceiling.
The time limit is 20 secs
The 1st time I did it i held the hose to my side and tried to run it through i dropped the hose and then i picked it up and back pedal toward the end of tunnel then ran it out going foward.
30 SECs
Try number 2
I put it over my shoulder and ran it thru got stuck again on that second turn before the straightaway. each time i did that turn i would get stuck then i would need to flip my body around and drag it out backpedaling then flip around.
Try 3
Try number 4
I took off my gloves and and slap it over my shoulder and i finished in 21 secs one sec off.
Does anybody got any advice before my real CPAT this friday.
by the side or over shoulder or how to get around that turn.
Any advice would be greatful.
Also this is the MASS Cpat i am attending.