I have been trying to get on the job for the past 8 years. and it has been 1 herd al after another. first it was trying to work and get collage credits and on top of that the cfrd. after not being able to get those requirements in time the lowered the standers to just the 30 collage credits. so I was able to do so. and pass my all my test with very high scores plus residence and said and done I was sent a letter stating that I had not been selected for the job. so I called my investigator and he said to me I should write a letter to the fire commissioners office and ask to have my case look at once again. so I did and I received a letter saying there was no need to do so it was revued very well the first time and that they do not have to give me a reason why I was not selected. I have to brothers on the job and the do not under stand why I was not hired either. any advise would be gratefully appreciated thank you