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    Help! I am currently enrolled at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, MI working towards my B.S. in Public Safety with an emphasis on Emergency Services. My ultimate goal is to "get the job". As a full timer at a very large department. Is this the degree I should be working towards? Am I better off getting a fire science degree? And lastly, what about online degree programs? The University of Maryland University College has an online degree program in fire science. Would taking this route be frowned upon by hiring departments?

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    It has been posted here 100 times that, in 99% of the cases, a college degree is not an open door to a career fire fighter position. The degree you get today will be used when you go for promotions and when you retire.

    That said, it will certainly be a factor when you are in the hiring process. A college degree demonstrates commitment. dedication, initiative, maturity and a willingness to expand the mind. Regardless of the major. A person with an Anthrpology degree can be an excellent fire fighter. But your question distresses me a little. Why would a college degree in fire science be viewed as a negative in the hiring process?

    BTW, my BS degree in Fire Science is from UMUC.

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    If you are referring to an online, or distance learning degree, most employers hold them equal to traditional classroom earned degrees. It is important that the DL degree is from a regionally accredited school and not a fly-by-night operation that awards degrees for "life experience". UMUC is certainly a well know and accredited university.

    There are several threads on this subject here on
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    GeorgeWendtCFI, Don't be distressed! I wasn't wondering if a Fire Science degree would be viewed as negative. I was wondering if earning a degree online would be viewed that way. Your B.S. in fire science, how was it? How long did it take you? And lastly, how were the online classes? I have been tooling around, thinking about it. My hang up right now is for one, the tuition. 469.00 a credit hour is a little steep. And also, I don't know how well I could really learn from an online course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fire78n88 View Post
    My hang up right now is for one, the tuition. 469.00 a credit hour is a little steep. And also, I don't know how well I could really learn from an online course.
    It could be worse. Grad is school is running over $1000 per credit these days...

    Online learning is no different than any other kind of learning -- you get what you put into it. Different colleges use different distance learning strategies; some follow traditional course schedules with rigid deadlines and waypoints while some others will require an added effort on your part to discipline yourself to complete your courses at a timely pace. That's something you want to consider when you're choosing an online program.
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