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    Default Old Fire Nozzles, Adapters, Gated Y's & Couplers

    I have several old brass nozzles, newer nozzles, all sorts of adapters & gated Y's. There are about 20 total. $200.00 or best offer..

    Real authenic Fire Hydrant, which is pained Red, White & Blue >> $100.00

    2 Old Brass Fire Extinguishers & another extinguisher which is old , all for $100.00

    Old & New Fire Department metal Signs & Pictures $35.00 for all

    The Grab Bag>> Includes a 2 Fire Helmets, Fire Alarm Call Box, Fire Alarm Bell , I bell with a firetruck on it that hangs outside your home, old red stained glass alarm lights , all for $75.00

    A new rappell harness only used twice in excellant condition, figure 8's & carabiners all for $100.00

    I am getting married & I must give up some of my collections.

    Shipping is not included with prices above. These Items will not last long!!!!

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    Talking Help w/My Da's (cheif) retirement party

    Hi, I'm looking for vendors or people who sell things I can use for my Da's retirement party. I was looking primarily for old nozzles but welcome ANY ideas or links! Thanks.. for all you firefighters out there and even bigger thanks for all YOU do!

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    Default Terry Wagner

    Do you have any of the items from your post of october '07 still available?
    Please e-mail at cttech61@yahoo.com.

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