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    Default initial command help

    Has anyone have or designed some intial electronic command forms in microsoft etc.
    Looking at something simple for initial command and may include some accountability items
    anything you give me would be of great help


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    The ICS forms are available in word and PDF format here

    More applicable to initial command is a tactical worksheet.

    I designed one for my FD using Visio, but you can use any word processor. PM me if you would like a copy of what I use.
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    Default Initial Command

    I know that the USAR CA-TF 5 Had a free program on their website that you could just plug the information into. The forms were already ready already. I have been unable to get on the website for some time but have usually just search for California USAR TF 5. Im sure this isnt much help but thought I may throw it out there anyway.

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