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    Default A note for SCBA awardees....

    Here is what I got from DHS on the 2007 compliance issue and waiting for vendors to pass tests.

    Not word for word, but the sentiment is that you'll be hard pressed to be approved for an extension because you waiting/are waiting for a specific manufacturer to pass the tests. Brand name means nothing to interoperability because it's a UNIVERSAL connection, so since there are models on the market that have passed compliance and can be purchased/ordered now, you might not get an extension to your award. Meaning if it's not done in 12 months it is someone else's award to then spend in an excess fund award after you lose it.

    Check with your local FPS if you have any questions/concerns.

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    Would this affect the grant you wrote for my vollie department?(marion volunteer fire department, md)
    JOHN 15:13

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