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    Default Hey everyone. I'm here to learn

    I was thinking today about a carear in forest fire fighting and would like a place where I can ask question about it so I can get some detailed information.
    I was looking online and it's pretty hard to find the answers I'm looking for and for my area.
    I tried sending a email to a contact (not on this site) but after all my writing I hit send and it said page cannot be displayed and everything I wrote was gone... So I decided to find a place with real people.

    Did I come to the right place ?

    I have been interested in fire all my life and was thinking maybe I should work with it.
    City fire fighting isn't the type of carear I'm interested in, I have so much respect for what they do, but I'm thinking that forest fire fighting just might be right for me.
    I don't know a whole lot about it except for the few things I have read about it, but I'm hopeing I can hang out here and learn, if thats ok to do around here ?

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    welcome to the site.i'm sure you will learn on this site,it is amazing for people who are not in fire service like me,all the details and tactics the firefighters have and can exchange from one state to another.
    "sauver ou périr"

    "courage et dévouement"

    2 french mottoes in french fire service.

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    Welcome to the gang from Ontario Canada.
    If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?


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    first and foremost welcome to the site .this is great place to get info on your career and there are plenty of people willing to help
    welcome from miami,Fl

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