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    Default Non Certified Chiefs interview OCFRD

    I have my Chiefs interview coming up with Orange County in Florida.
    I've never done an interview before and am not sure on what to expect.
    Anyone got any tips for this sort of interview.
    It's with Chief Plaugher

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    Well you made it to the " Chiefs Interview" congratulations. Typically the interview will be with Chief Plaugher only and last only 5-10 minutes normally. He will ask you to describe yourself, why you chose OCFRD and where you see yourself in the future with the department. Think of what your responses are gonna be and it is important to somehow impress upon him that you are a good fit for OCFRD. Most of the people who get hired will know if they pass the interview quickly. The Chief usally has you wait outside and then he calls in his secretary and tells her whether or not he wants to hire you. So if you get the job you'll probably know when you leave there. Of course this can change depending on the hiring cycles and how many slots left for each recruit class. Also just know alot of people have applied several times before making it. So don't get to upset if things don't work out immediately. Good Luck

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    Practice your suggested answers with a hand held recorder until they come out of your mouth they way you want the chief to hear them. The recorder goes everywhere your car keys go.

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