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    Default Informal Job Interviews questions


    I am taking a job interview with Boeing Fire on Halloween. The Captain that contacted me said it is a structural interview and very informal. He also said there is no need for suit and tie, and just come casual.

    My ? is this, do I listen to him or do I wear a suit and tie? I do not want to look unprofessional, but I also do not want to look like I am not listening to what I was told.

    Thanks for any input,


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    Default “Informal” Interview Attire

    It’s called “informal” to get to know you better. But understand it’s still for all the marbles. If you don’t come across as the most enthusiastic candidate with the qualifications that meet this departments culture and objectives, you’re out of the process.

    The strongest non-verbal statement you can make is what you wear to any interview, especially the “Informal” interview. If your usual attire doesn’t quite fit like it used to, it probably looks old and dated too. This alone can psych you out before you can say anything in the interview. It’s time to step up and make the investment if you really want this job.

    Wear a nice pair of slacks, a collared long sleeve shirt without a tie and a sports coat. If you don't have this outfit, buy it. If indeed it is business casual when you show up you can slip off the sports coat.

    It doesn’t have to be expensive. Go to the Mens Warehouse or a department store that has a sale. Ask for the personal shopper at many fine stores (this service is free). They will get you fixed up in your price range. It will make a big difference.

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    More Tips on getting hired and promoted by Firehouse Contributing Author Fire “Captain Bob” Articles here:

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    If he explicitly said, casual, no need for suit and tie, don't wear a suit and tie.

    OTOH, don't show up looking like a slob either. A pair of dockers and a button down shirt (or at least a golf shirt) would probably fill the bill.

    Think "casual professional attire."
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