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    Default 2 Issues....

    I was just curious as to what are the two most important training and/or personnel issues facing your department in the next few years?

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    Just my opinions...

    1. Building Construction

    - It seems to be getting more and more cost effective and in turn they tend to burn faster and HOTTER.

    - Preparing for the next housing "BOOM" it could be 2 yrs. or it could be 10 yrs. When it comes I feel many depts. that look the other way will be blind sided by large scale developments requiring several volunteer organizations calls being easily doubled and career staffing being put in. All this causing a ripple effect throughout the ranks and not for the GOOD. Preparing is the key... the reason why i joined my volunteer depts. planning committee.

    2. Front Line Officer Training

    - Either volunteer or career, I've seen more and more younger officers in my area . Sometimes scary young!!! One career dept. south of me just promoted a 22 yr. old ( MY AGE!!!) firefighter to Lieutenant. He's career on a failry biusy dept. Scary if ya ask me... I'd rather work under a guy with experience of my age vs. my age.

    - I do not want to be a Lt. I don't care about bugles... I'll have them eventually! lol

    - These younger officers around my age seem let the title go to their heads. They walk around strutting their stuff... i.e. Sunglasses, FDNY straps... BOSSY as hell... thinking they're everything and a bag of chips. "T-shirt Officers"

    Sorry it turned into a rant, but ya asked about personal issues. Those need to be address.

    I'd like to see an article by firehouse mag. on young officer and the frequent contributors submit excerpts on this topic. I've been exposed to fire service all my life and a FF since I was 18, but by no means do think I have the knowledge base to hold 2-3 other FF's lives in my hands at 22 almost 23 yrs. old!!

    Thanks all... great topic BTW!!!
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    1) Inexperience at the middle management level.

    2) Funding

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