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    Angry JAWS/FIRE District

    I was wondering if anyone else has this issue. My dept runs JAWS & we are close (1 mile) to our county line. There is another dept about 5 miles east(other county). If there is a FIRE in the other co. our area is about 2 miles into the other co. that is still our area. But if there is a MVA just east of the county line with entrapment our JAWS usually doesn't get sent or our Ambulance (private co). But if at the same MVA the car is burning we'll get sent. The county next to us sends the 5 mile away FD & First Responders and an ambulance about 15 mile away with their FD/JAWS also 15 miles away. Our ambu. & theirs are both at the same level EMT-I. We have had some calls in the past where our PD was first on scene & requested our FD and Ambu. but was told that the other co. sent their units and we were not going to be sent. I know that we're putting lives at risk but how do I get it across that the closest units should be sent. We gave up some of our area to another dept. that got JAWS because they are closer. I don't know if the dept with JAWS doesn't want to give up some of their area (bragging/no. of call rights).I just want some help on how to get this through to all the people involved without getting too many people ticked off at our dept.

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    It may have something to do with repeatedly referring to a hydraulic rescue tool as "jaws" and insisting on doing it in all caps to boot. Possibly the neighboring department isn't fixated on a tired, overused, whackerish ad slogan from Hurst?
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    Does your dept. charge a service fee for mutual aid responses? Does the transport fee for your ambulance service go to your district only or does the neighboring district get some of the transport fees? Have you made some serious judgement errors on past extrications for the neighboring district?
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    This situation could just be a "turf war" between the two departments that need to be settled in a rational manner by the chiefs of both departments.
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    We don't charge any types of fees for mutual aid. The ambulance is a private service run by the hospitals. I don't think we did any errors that I know of since I've been on. Our ambulance charges a fee for transport and that money goes to their service. If there are 5 MVA's on that stretch of hwy that require extrication that would be alot. I think it might just a turf issue. Because another dept just got hydralic rescue extrication tools (happy now)-we use Hurst- and the other dept gave them some of their area because it was at the north end of their response area. I think our chief met with some of the other dept chiefs to talk about this but I don't know what came out of that meeting. We have worked with the other dept on a few calls and there was no tension between us at scenes with us getting there before they did.

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