I am a firefighter at my hometown company in NJ and also a college student. Currently, I am taking a class on proposals and our semester long college is to write a mock proposal. The topic I chose was on upgrading my department's SCBAs from the aging Scott 2.2s we have now to something brand new. My approach appears to be leaning towards suggesting that demo units be solicited from the manufacturers (Interspiro, ISI, Scott, Draeger, and MSA) and evaluated. However, an important part of developing an action plan is establishing precedent. My request to the officers who have gone through these types of situations is to answer a few questions (answered with the possibility of being quoted in mind).

1. When did your department update your SCBAs?
2. What pack did you transition from and to?
3. Did you conduct an evaluation of several packs?
4. Approximately how much did it cost per pack and were there any extra costs associated with the upgrades?
5. How useful are the technological improvements?

I'd really appreciate some good answers so I can establish some precedent to make a convincing argument. Thank you in advance to anybody who can help me.