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    Cool Pre-determined incident action plans

    The problem is we do not have any. We make them up as we go. For example: tonight, if we go to a commerical fire in a building that is 500 square feet, this will be the first time we have ever discussed a fire in a building like this. Kind of like flying by the sit of our pants.

    Any ideas on how to change my department or put into place IAP's?


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    This is something my department is currently dealing with as well. Alost of it comes from (for us that is) the powers that be not delegating the responsibility but not completeing the plans themselves. We have however taken it upon ourselves to on a company training night do our own pre-fire plans on target hazards in our communinty (such as courthouse/jail, retirement home, Wal-Mart, etc). I found once I showed and explained to our firefighters the large hazards involved with these places the interest in knowing what was there BEFORE you arrive on scene came way up. As for the lack of delegation, I am learning how to correct this right now myself. I did just finish an excellent class on influencing/conflict resolution and have some materials you may find interesting. Stick with it, Hope this helps!

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    I'm currently assigned to draft some of these plans. Before it was mostly passed down by word of mouth. It' wasn't that we didn't think about it, we just didn't document the plans.

    You don't say if you are volunteer or career, but I'll assume volunteer. I would recommend that you make up some basic plans yourself and submit them to the chief or appropriate officer. That will at least make them think about the plans if they havenít already.

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