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    Default I want to be a firefighter! Need info please...

    I'm a college student in MA right now and I plan on becoming a firefighter after I graduate, or possibly even before then.

    I've tried to do some research online, but haven't found too much information specifically about Massachusetts. I was hoping some MA firefighters could take a minute to help me out.

    I'm away at school right now, but this summer I plan on going down to the local firehouse and speaking with someone about job opportunities. Would this be a good idea? Also, do I have to apply to the department of the town I live in? or can i work in a neighboring town.

    Also, what can I do to increase my chances of getting hired? By this summer, I will have over 60 college credits, and I plan on taking a basic EMT course this summer. Will the EMT-B certification be enough to increase my chances of getting hired? Or will I need to become a paramedic for it to do me any benefit.

    Thanks in advance for any responses. I definitely plan on going down to a local fire station and talking to someone about employment this summer. What's the best way of going about doing this. Should I call and ask for an apointment to speak to someone, or what?

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    Most cities use the Civil Service exam. You would have to ask the individual department whether they do or don't. Some hire from within the call list. Those that provide medical response are typically looking for medics. The rest are looking for EMT's. There is also a PAT test administered by the state.

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