I'm a college student in MA right now and I plan on becoming a firefighter after I graduate, or possibly even before then.

I've tried to do some research online, but haven't found too much information specifically about Massachusetts. I was hoping some MA firefighters could take a minute to help me out.

I'm away at school right now, but this summer I plan on going down to the local firehouse and speaking with someone about job opportunities. Would this be a good idea? Also, do I have to apply to the department of the town I live in? or can i work in a neighboring town.

Also, what can I do to increase my chances of getting hired? By this summer, I will have over 60 college credits, and I plan on taking a basic EMT course this summer. Will the EMT-B certification be enough to increase my chances of getting hired? Or will I need to become a paramedic for it to do me any benefit.

Thanks in advance for any responses. I definitely plan on going down to a local fire station and talking to someone about employment this summer. What's the best way of going about doing this. Should I call and ask for an apointment to speak to someone, or what?