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    Default DOD Firefighters

    How would you go about getting hired by the department of defense for firefighting. Would you apply to the dod directly or would you have to wait for an opening at a base and then apply directly to the base? Thanks for the help.

    Matt Pullen

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    go to www.usajobs.com

    and series search 0081 should be able to answer ur own question by doing a little searching..

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    Be prepared for a long wait, I have been waiting a year for a specific job location to be posted. I visited the department and heard how short handed they are. Still no hiring.

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    www.usajobs.com is a great website to find openings in the Federal system. Stateside, overseas, it really covers it all. Openings all over the country right now. It also covers many different agencies, DOD, VA, Dept of Interior, etc.

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    It all depends on where you are looking to go. Alot of times (if not most of the time) the navy will pull from DON list which means that these are people whom have some type of status already, veterens or people already in the system. If you want to go to a navy base and you are a vet or some other type of status person, you need to put your resume on the web by going to the DONHR Chart Website and applying for one of the open continuous jobs. When you are there, you select all of the places that you would be willing to work at. Then if the department wants to hire, and they pull the DON list, your name would be on it, if not your resume is sitting in cyberspace waiting for them to pull it. This is assuming that you have status. There alot of jobs that are reserved for people with status. Example search on USAJOBS, and answer all the status questions no and see whats available, then do it marking them yes, you will see that there are jobs reserved for people with status.

    If you are a nonvet and never worked for the govt, you need to wait for what is called a DEU position. These are open to everyone. Most times they go DEU if they cant get anyone by DON. USAJOBS is a good place to look, but I would recommend that you look at DONHR Chart (google this) for USN, or USMC, or go to CPOL for the army, and I cant remember the airforce's website but google AF civilian jobs (good luck though, air force takes care of their own).

    DOD requires IFSAC or PROBOARD certs, so make sure you have all of including FFI/II, Awareness and Ops, and ARFF if your base has a air mission. Only certs with IFSAC or Proboard count. I had been a firefighter for many years before I went DOD, any certs not accredidated were worth the paper they were printed on only.

    IF you do not have some form of status, I would suggest that you try to get on any base that is using an internship program. You get your foot in the door, then after a few years just transfer to where you want to go.

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