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    Default Need a Workout

    I am sure this has been beaten to death, but after a visitation with the Md and her looking at my family history I need to lose the keg around my midsection. I have no problems "yet". I have started eating better I just need a workout that is functional at work but that i can also do at home. (Elliptical at Home, Gym at work). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and stay safe.
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    Default Look and ye shall find

    do a search and there are workouts here that will help

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    You can find some really great workouts on sites like ",,, etc." Those are a few that I like to go to for information. Good luck and stick with it!!

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    Default Crossfit

    I agree that is awesome, I ride a pretty busy truck and getting a workout in is difficult but then I found crossfit, this site is for bad a#$&* the workouts are as hard as you make them and if you know how to push yourself these workouts prepare us very well for the rigors of firefighting, myself and 2 other members of my company use this and the strength gains we have made are amazing, just don't get discouraged as I said these workouts are tough, good luck, stay with it

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    This is the best workout I have tried. You need to be committed though.

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