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    Default Anyone using 360 degree evaluations?

    We had an interesting issue come up recently at an officer's meeting. Our chief wants to implement a formal employee evaluation system. (chief evaluates the battalion chiefs, BCs evaluate the captains, captains evaluate the individual shift members) When I brought up that I'd learned in several management and leadership seminars that a 360 degree evaluation (everyone evaluates everyone, so in other words the captains would evaluate the FFs and the FFs would likewise evaluate their captains, it's all confidential) would likely work better and seem more fair to the guys. I was immediately inundated with protests from the chief and most other officers. Most were of the opinion that they didn't care what the guys thought of them, they were to do what they were told.

    I'm of the opinion that a lot of our officers just seem afraid to give their members an opportunity to hear how they might do their job and lead better. Or is there some better reason I'm not thinking of why 360 degree evaluations wouldn't work?

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    Having lived with 360 reviews at my real job, I would stay away from it.

    It "can" turn into a buddies list of evaluations or people with axes to grind. You will also have issues with people not understanding the job responsibilities that the person they are evaluating truly has.

    The supervisor keeping tabs on comments and getting feedback from everyone is a better solution.

    Just my opinion....

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    Default 360

    I attended a leadership development class a few years ago, and first learned of 360 feedback.

    As a command officer, I work with several different company officer, peers, and subordinates.

    The department is not interested in the 360 idea, but I want feedback to improve my skills. I have implemented my own process:

    1) I am evaluated by each company. For example, the company officer from Engine 5 does the feedback with his crew. That way, it involves feedback from all members of the crew.

    2) The format is simple: What are my 3 greatest strengths, what are my 3 greatest weaknesses, and what do they recommend I do to correct the weak areas.

    3) The feedback forms are left in my mailbox so I don't know which crew sent the form. This permits a degree of confidentiality.

    4) I do not show anyone else the results because as I emphasized earlier, it is purely for personal development. It is interesting to read the similarities ad differences.

    This may ruffle some fears, but I think that leaders who are afraid to have subordinates evaluate them may be a bit insecure. You don't get better by burying your head in the sand. You improve by identifying and working on specific areas; and I for one have not achieved perfection.

    Hope this helps.


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