Just a few quick questions I hope a few of you can answer, they might have been answered in another thread, but if someone can answer them here or point me in the right direction Iíd really appreciate it.

1. Do a lot of people choose to stay behind and work during their R&R time for the extra money.. or are there other jobs you can take, Iíve heard of some folks taking jobs watching oil fields or something to that affect.. does this ever happen.. or do they /make/ you take the R&R?

2. Is there a Bonus for signing on for a second year after you are done with your first.. again.. Iíve hear rumors that there is.. and some that that isn't.. any clarification would be great.

3. After the first year is completed.. can you stay for a just a few months more... or do you have to sign for year contracts?

4. How difficult is it to get an A/C of Training Position over there.. Iíve got all the needed Certs (per AFCESA) and the relevant experience in the office (seems like every where I got they throw me in training), but do they only like to hire fellas that have been in country for a while?

some pretty simple ones.. hope someone can answer.. any help would be great.