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    Default Training Schedule

    I'm curious how other Volunteer departments set up their annual training schedule.

    How is it broken down?

    What if applicable is the monthly breakdown?

    What topics do you train on?

    How are the topics determined?

    What is the cycle?

    Thanks in advance.

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    First of all there is the required training and refreshers .... SCBA, Haz-mat Awareness/Ops, CPR, driver recertification, etc. EMT refresher handled in a seperate class not on the weekly training night. That's about 20% of our schedule right there.

    Initial cert for awareness and ops are generally taught as a seperate class on the weekends, though we do peridically use training nights.

    Then we have nights we have to set aside for training on new tools. That's 2-3 nights a year.

    Generally do 1-2 training nights on building construction each year.

    Generally have 2-3 nights set aside for new EMS skill training.

    Basic skills such as hose handling, ladders, search and the like are done as well as often as possible as we are constantly cycling new members in.

    Extrication or special rescue training takes up another 4-5 nights a year.

    We throw scenerio training in there at least once a month. Often it's done outside where a situation needs to be handled. Sometimes done inside as a tabletop.

    We often have 2 groups. One group is the experienced members practicing advanced skills on the topic, and the second group are newer members working on the basic side of that skill.

    Training time is tight. Basically we look at issues we have had at recent incidents or the current make-up of the FD to determine topics.

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