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    My boyfriend is a firefighter and for this christmas I would love to buy him a handheld scanner, but I have no idea where to start on purchasing one-->>If anyone has any advice on which one is the best one and where to shop that would be great!Thank You!!!


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    i did some research on this a while back and the Radioshack Pro-97 got some pretty good reviews. That's what i ended up gettings and i'm real happy with it so far. What's your price range? I beleive the Pro-97 is under or close to $100. If your budget is higher you may be able to find some even nicer stuff. Let me know. I'll help you out.

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    In order to help you I need to know more about the county you live in. Depending on what types of systems and frequencies are in your county will dictate the type of scanner to buy. The new GRE scanners coming out are worth a look. Once you give a little more info I can help you.

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