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    Default IFSAC Certification

    Does anyone know who to specifically speak to at the IFSAC office to find out how to go about obtaining this certification? My state of Michigan does not recognize IFSAC therefore I can not obtain it. Would like to advance my Fire Service chances.. Need some help.... Thanks
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    The state or fire service agency would have to be accredited by IFSAC to certify an individual to IFSAC standards. Are you certified by another agency, such as Pro-Board??? What certs does your state recognize???

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    Let me guess...you want to go to Iraq and get $96K tax free.

    If the certs you have are IFSAC (former military or out of state), and you are looking for a job here, you will have to attend a MI certified academy and earn their certs.

    If your certs are from MI, and you need IFSAC certs to work somewhere else, go to Bucks County Fire Academy in PA and challenge the test.

    I went through this almost 10 yrs ago-and it hasn't changed. It is a money grab by the MI fire academies, and a reluctance to open up the state's books to IFSAC for auditing.

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