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    Default New Crimson Dealer in CA - Hebe Returns

    Crimson Fire Expands into Canadian Market
    Brandon, S.D., DATE – Building on the growing demand for its custom emergency-rescue
    vehicles, Crimson Fire, Inc. is expanding into the Canadian market.
    The Brandon, S.D.-based manufacturer of custom fire trucks and other rescue vehicles
    recently added its first two Canadian dealers to its growing – and now international –
    network of dealers. Cascadia International and two sister companies will now sell and
    service the complete line of Crimson vehicles in British Columbia and Alberta.
    Dependable Emergency Vehicles, which has been building on Spartan Chassis for more
    than 30 years, will represent Crimson in all other Canadian provinces.
    “We are very excited to have Cascadia International and Dependable Emergency
    Vehicles on board as our first Canadian dealers,” said William Doebler, vice president of
    sales and marketing. “Canada represents a large market opportunity for Crimson. Our
    emergency-rescue vehicles are among the strongest and most dependable on the
    market today, and they should perform well in Canada’s challenging environmental
    conditions and terrain.
    “The addition of two such successful and respected dealers will pave the way as
    Crimson Fire enters the Canadian market for the first time.”
    Cascadia International and its sister companies currently sell, lease and service more
    than $75 million in International Trucks annually. The companies are owned by Jim
    Hebe, a powerhouse in the field of heavy-duty and emergency-rescue vehicles who
    has been in the top leadership position at Freightliner, Seagrave and American
    LaFrance. In addition to selling and servicing vehicles, Cascadia International has a
    large parts operation.
    Hebe said that he weighed a number of OEM options before deciding to become a
    Crimson dealer. He noted that only a few U.S. manufacturers are listed to do business in
    Canada, and Crimson has made the commitment to meet all Underwriters’
    Laboratories of Canada standards. The ULC is an independent, non-profit product
    safety and testing certification organization
    -- more --
    Crimson Fire Canadian Expansion / page 2 of 2
    “Becoming ULC listed is a huge commitment on Crimson’s part to meet the needs of
    the Canadian market – and one of our major criteria in choosing a manufacturer,” said
    Hebe, president and dealer principal. “One of the other specific issues in Canada is the
    growing concern with corrosion because of amount of ice-and-snow removal
    chemicals, which have a devastating affect on fire apparatus. Crimson’s expertise in
    stainless steel is one that we saw as a tremendous advantage.
    “Additionally, Crimson has the most modern line of aerial apparatus on the market. Its
    product range is broad and they offer the latest in technology. We find all these
    attributes add up to a real opportunity for us.”

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    Default Hebe/Crimson

    Hebe probably couldn't get any other manufacturer to work with him and had to go to someone he knew from ALF that owed him a favor.

    First the Boomer. Next, the UniMog mess. Then the torque box problems. Now, Hebe.

    I think I'll go sell my Spartan stock while I still can.

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    Content deleted by author.
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    I wonder how long it will be before he leaves Crimson to "pursue other interests".

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    Lightbulb Wow

    Slaughterhouse, maybe....

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    Default Hebe Surfaces, Again!

    Quote Originally Posted by SnakeOil View Post
    I wonder how long it will be before he leaves Crimson to "pursue other interests".
    One thing is certain. It won't be long before Hebe finds something in the Crimson arsenal that he can tweak and call his own. He does not have is idle hands. His past definitely has many wins to accompany his losses. Floating around as he has definitely gives him the advantage of industry perspective.

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    You had to stir the pot.... Just like the little cab picture I got almost a year ago. HeHe

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