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    Post FYI Moron Spain

    PM can't keep firefighters - Report to Base CMDR, Contract Officer, Contracting USAFE Ramstein, Stateside LLC, Contract Audit --

    Prior PM Contract info: http://www.gao.gov/decisions/bidpro/297960.pdf

    It is no secret.

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    The Fire Chief contract was terminated since the Project Manager didnt like his hard on approach and willing to make it better for the client the Air Force. Our Chief came to Spain experience a lot of complicated issues and was very succesfull in pushing the mission forward. He was left with a mess from the previous contractor PAE, equipment that is over thirty years, except the Fire Trucks.
    If you are planning to apply for the Fire Chief job this is what you should expect.
    First get ready to be run over by two sindical groups, the company PM is very quick to fire any US personnel, however is always providing assurance to the union that no union empoloyee will ever get fired. You never know how many employees are going to show up to work on any given day, is a real nightmare for the Station Captain. You are going to be promised the world and when you arrive to the site, the true story comes out. Most of your firefighters doesnt speak english, refused to do any upgrade training unless they get additional pay. If you are coming as a firefighter make sure that your contract is very specific on the work hours. Otherwhise the Company will screw you by telling you that you are a salary employee and you get paid no mattter how many hours you work for. Make sure that if you are bringing your family, you study the cost of living in Spain.
    If you like to party this is the place to come since the Project Manager doesnt enforce the alcohol policy, he doesnt care when one of the Assistant Chief's well known for his alcohol abuse shows up to work intoxicated. Tthis guy was fired from every other project that he ever worked in the past. He was a firefighter in 2004 and two years later he is occupying the Assistanht Chief role, he doesnt have any experience, lacks certification requirements or necesaary knowledge required for his position. Is probably the reason why the Fire Chief employment contract was terminated early. The Fire Chief refused to accept that type of behavior and requested numerous times to get him terminated however the PM will not support his request.
    The Deputy Chief doesn't have any experience dealing with any Air Force mission or requirements. He only knows how to get over the Fire Chief by going to the Project Manager behind the Fire Chief back. He doesnt recieve any respect from any of the shift workers because is well known his intention to back door the Chief.
    Your attitude here will suffer changes since anybody that comes in with good intention and wants to imkprove the mission will get a large bag of dissastifaction.
    I think this is a good place to work if the company start listening to the managers that are running the section.

    Hope this brief will hep you make a right decision...Good Luck

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    Exclamation Moron AFS

    displaced4u Posted: Oct 23, 2007 - 12:52 AM

    I only have limited experience with AFS but what happened to me was I put in for a position that was posted. I was called and told I had the job and how fast I could get there. I accepted the position and proceeded to get my passport, this was on a Thursday, on Monday got the benefits notice and on Tuesday got a call and confirmed acceptance. Proceeded to get household things in order, on Thursday was told the job was filled and I did not get it. I ask them why, since they sent a valid job offer, I accepted. Said the job offer was sent to three people and was returned on Monday by another person also, even though they called on Tuesday.
    That means they sent out three valid job offers, I know of two of us that accepted. IF they give offers then there better be more than one position? I think they are having some irregularities in hiring and will contact the contract owner(gov) and the contractor to voice a complaint. I had started to pack the house and contacted a mover to store my things, plus spent more money to get my affairs in order. BEWARE

    3fightermech Posted: Oct 26, 2007 - 02:01 AM


    Wolfpack82 Posted: Nov 29, 2007 - 10:08 AM

    Hello folks! To the gentlemen that got the short end of the stick on the TA job here at Morón last month I sincerely hope life is better. I am truely sorry that happened to you. That is not a pleasant position to be in at all. However, I must say that was a blessing in disguise. If you were to have made it over it would have been ugly for you. Trust me. I have first hand knowledge. PAE "was" the company to work for. If you have any comments or questions please don't hesitate to post them. I'll be happy to respond.

    Best regards

    copied from : http://www.f-16.net/index.php?name=P...=118776#118776

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    Default Moron Ab Questions

    What currency do they use on base, is there any retail stores on base?

    What are gas prices like?

    How much does a decent vehicle cost or is there public transportation?

    Where do most people live?

    Do you get paid OT by straaight pay or time in a half?

    Is there any vacations or bonus?

    Do they provide an airline ticket or do you have to buy your own when going?

    How many shifts and firefighters are there?

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    As was stated earlier, the information I recieved was that all the positions are filled presently. I had some military buddies over there and they enjoyed it and would go back if the oppurtunity arose. They done some checking and found this out for me, thought I'd post it. I have so much fun reading these posts that I couldn't help responding to this one. Thanks to boricua, legioneer, moronbombero and lostintrav for giving us the inside scoop from your side. Guys we're all brothers, does not matter where we're from. Anyways, you guys keep up the good work and stay safe out there.

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    Default Moron Contract

    Hi, I am on Boston Fire and Air Force Reservist in Fire Protection. I used to be a federal firefighter and have a big collection of USAF fire stuff. I saw the Moron thread on the forum and wanted to see if any of you guys that worked or work at Moron might be able to help me out. I am trying to get one of the more recent or current Moron Air Base FD patches. I have an old one I got from a GI that was there in the 80's and was able to get a t-shirt from a guy that was there contract a few years ago, but no patch. I have Boston FD shirts, patches, hats, etc if anyone can help me out. Any help or contacts would be awesome! Thanks,

    My e-mail is usaffire4@yahoo.com

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    Default Moron`AFB 1980-1983

    I have been reading some of the threads and I am really sad about what I am reading. I sure appreciate hearing from the Spanish Firefighters. I was a contract employee with Boeing from the years mentioned in title. I understand the Spanish firefighters and their Unions. It was a little hard for me to go with but I did because they fought for these rights and even some of those days off and vacation time were Spanish law that we had to follow.

    I have to say that I had the best time of my life while I was there. I lived in the hotel on base. I did live off base a couple of times, but came back to the hotel. Not that there was anything wrong, I just did not like the traveling to and from Sevilla or Moron`.

    The Spanish firefighters were the best I have ever worked with. They were well trained and I would go into any fire with them. I trusted them with my life. They were very patient since I did not know any Spanish when I first arrived. When I left, I spoke like a native. I love that Andalusian Spanish. The way they cut the words and so forth. That is why the northerners did not like them. I loved the Spanish people. They were fantastic with me and I loved partying with them. I never had anyone ever give me a bad look or bad language. Of course they could of been talking their butts off when I first got there, but I doubt it.

    Couple of questions. Where is the department now? Is it in the same building on the ramp to the right of the tower? What trucks do you have now? I heard you have a lot of personel per shift. I think I had 20 per shift total. We even had an old O-11a. I remember we were having lot of grass fires across the runway. I used that O-11a to put them out. It was a bitch using the tanker. Always afraid it would tip over.

    I left there not have a whole lot of pictures. If there is anyone who can send me a picture of the outside of the station, if it is the same one. I need one looking into the station from the runway side. I also do not have a picture of the bunk rooms. I remember they were really nice and especially the AC's area.

    I doubt if there are any Spanish firefighters left from the early 80's. If there are and they remember Mike Davis, I would really like to hear from them. I would like to hear from anyone there now, American or Spanish. Please write me at somsong@sbcglobal.net.

    I would really like to come back, but I doubt they would take a 58 year old. Please write me, I would really like to hear what is going on now.

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