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    Exclamation Missouri Fire Truck Rams into Mailbox:

    This is a month old, but I think applicable to Emergency Vehicle Operations.

    The crash occurred just minutes upon receiving the call for help. Four firefighters were in the engine truck headed to a residence Saturday on Route V in Linn Creek.

    According to Mid-County Chief Ron Gentry, the driver of the fire engine is a certified firefighter and has completed an extensive driving course. He has been with the district for a few years, he said.

    According to the Missouri Highway Patrol, the 2002 Spartan firetruck was being driven by James M. Emery, 18, of Camdenton when he entered a left hand curve and ran off the right side of the road and struck a mailbox and driveway.
    Hummmm...I wonder WHAT caused this accident...operator inexperience; operator's age; entering a turn too fast; vehicle malfunction? Probably 75% of the above. Fortunately nobody was seriously injured or killed. I think also, that the USPS should be held [partially] libable...for making rural residents place their "boxs" so close to the road. Very dangerous as is evident here!

    So much for the extensive dirving course.
    Here is the rest of the story - >

    "we learn from history...that we do not learn from history"

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    WOW he's 18 years old and a certified firefighter and taken a drivers course.
    What DRIVERS ED?!?!? Christ the kid is barely out of high school.....he should not be driving a fire engine code to any call. Maybe back..

    this is just my opinion..
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