My dept. has been talking about this for some time but I've had some reservations. Maybe you guys could answer a few questions for me?

--What is you work schedule like on day 1 vs day 2?

We regularly are getting our A**'s kicked @ night with 6 or 7 calls past midnight. Do you have a different schedule for the second day if you've been up all night?

-- How many of you that have gone to 48/96's are medical transporting agencies? Does that become a factor?

We currently staff 2 Medics and an Engine and transport times came be up to an hour. Do you rotate assignments if your a transporting agency? I think I might want to chew on the end of a 12 GA after 48 hours on a medic...

I looked @ the website quoted in the other thread, and got some good ideas, but I'm just looking for some general impressions on what the average transporting house thinks about the schedule.